About the Couple

They say a lasting marriage always begins with an enduring friendship, and for this couple that statement sums up their relationship. Don and Shannon met in the summer of 2009, while out with family and friends. They spent time hanging out on the weekends and quickly built a friendship. They both came from homes that had similar values and recognized and appreciated those values in each other. They spent about a year and a half hanging out, but then life took them different directions. While they didn’t talk as much, there was still a connection and they still considered each other friends.

In January of 2013 Don contacted Shannon via Facebook and asked for her phone number, as he no longer had it saved in his phone. Even though things had change individually, the connection was still there and they started spending time together again. On May 12, 2013 Don and Shannon decided to make their relationship official!

On May 10, 2015 Don invited Shannon out onto their front porch at sundown and started talking about how he had been thinking about their relationship, how far it had come and where he saw it going. He then got on bended knee and asked Shannon if she would spend the rest of her life with him! After twenty minutes of Don being on his knee; fifteen questions, a bunch of tears and making sure that he was "sure," Shannon said, "Yes!"

We are so happy to be sharing this moment of our lives with you! We appreciate your love, support and prayers as we go forward as Mr. and Mrs. Green!